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Students take a passport to Europe

August 26, 2011

Photo by Jennifer Rice - Monmouth students, Abby McGuire, Haley Mier, Sarah Rasmussen, Michelle Nutting, Jennifer Rice, Nicole Olin, Hilary Blahnik, Brooke Twohill, and Kourtni Reed pose in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Though many of the students were already acquainted with each other, the trip served as an excellent bonding opportunity.  There’s something about being sardined with someone during an overseas flight that really helps you get to know a person.  For Jennifer Rice, she was able to use the experience to build a stronger connection with her sorority.  “It was even better to have many of my Kappa sisters there because it gave us a chance to experience Europe together and brought us closer together and I wouldn’t change it for the world,” noted Rice.

Another member of the Eurotrip troop, senior Brooke Twohill recalled a particularly favorite memory.  “We would sometimes talk in British accents, making up funny scenarios as we toured the cities,” Twohill said with a grin.  For many of the participants, this was their first time flying out of the States and crossing into unchartered territory.  However, just like any kid who’s homesick at camp, the butterflies eventually flew away and the adventure at hand soon distracted them from any doubts.  “This was the first time I traveled out of the country and it was amazing! I had mixed feelings about it at first but after this trip it made me want to travel more,” commented Twohill. 

The trip provided a unique opportunity for many students to spread their wings a bit and get a taste of the traveler’s life.  While many students choose to study abroad for full semesters, this trip enabled students to have their adventure and study and Monmouth too.  From Rice’s perspective, the journey awakened her inner voyager, an aspect of herself she may not have realized before.  According to Rice, “The trip inspired me because it made me want to go around and see more places and to go to different countries. It pretty much made me want to take the time and spend the money to go see more of the world.”  I’ve got a funny feeling her bucket list is about to overflow.

Jane Simkins
Features Editor

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