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Counting pennies and nickels

September 2, 2011

Making every cent count as an every day college student

Money can’t buy you a higher GPA, but spending less on school supplies can help keep you and your bank account above average. Whether studying Economics or English, anyone in college can contest that the life of an undergraduate is not always easy on the pocket. However, it seems that despite the current economic situation, there are a few businesses both online and in Monmouth providing discounts exclusively to college students.

Although we may be too old to exchange our report card A’s for free movies at Family Video, County Market has introduced a new deal for Scots men and women. By texting MMTEXT to 69302, students will receive notice of a free product in the store, available to them on a weekly basis. In order to obtain the free item, students must provide their Monmouth College I.D card and the alert message on their phone upon checking out. According to County Market clerk and Monmouth student, Tanna Pierce, the process itself is quite simple.

“All students have to do is text the code to the number provided and the store will message them a deal every Thursday,” reported Pierce.

Although most students have yet to take advantage of this offer, some have snatched up some quality freebies. Ranging from Sunny Delight to bananas to trash bags, the weekly steal is always a surprise.

Also saddling up on the bargain bandwagon are online companies such as and The former website,, has some especially handy perks for pupils in their new program, Amazon Prime. Prime features special discounts such as free two-day shipping and one day shipping at a mere four dollars. Special discounts on textbooks and dorm essentials are also an advantage for Prime members. In order to score Prime price cuts, students must simply access the website and sign up for an account. Initially, the program is free, but requires a 40 dollar payment for those who would want to continue with a full year’s subscription. At this point, discounted shipping no longer applies; however, subscribers will continue to receive unlimited streaming of Amazon Prime videos. Annual subscribers will be able to renew their membership for the discounted price of 40 dollars per year, as long as they are attending college.

Another website,, can be applied to just about any item on a student’s shopping list. This hub of steals and deals gives students the lowdown on markdowns from businesses both nationally and locally, going the extra mile to inform scholars of discounts set up specifically for their university. Furthermore, the site also encourages students to apply for scholastic giveaways such as Apple’s latest iPad.

Even unlikely candidates such as have joined the running for most valuable scholastic sales. For instance, students are eligible to watch their favorite shows online at no cost by signing up for a free trial of Hulu Plus. Although the deal only lasts a month, it is quadruple the seven-day trial period for non-students. As far as educational support goes, perhaps all those free minutes of Grey’s Anatomy and House will serve as a constructive tool for Biology majors.

Despite the fact that coupons for tuition cease to exist, the benefits of being a college student seem to be better than ever. And that, my fellow Scots, is a deal you can take all the way to the bank.

By Jane Simkins
Features Editor

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