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Augustine from ‘My Life as Liz’ performs at Monmouth

September 9, 2011

Joe Florio/ The Courier - The guy-girl musical duo “Augustine” plays a variety of songs in an acoustic set in Scotland Yard. The two met in St. Augustine, Fla.

“We’re professionals” quips Jordan Meredith, bending to get her dropped pick. “Yeah” says Louis Johnson laughing, “Uh, now she’s going to play a song. Oh, and I’m going to play it with her.” These were the kind of exchanges that introduced the members of the duo “Augustine” to their crowd in Scotland Yard last night.

Johnson and Meredith (best known for their roles on the TV show “My Life as Liz”) added a touch of folk to the Coffeehouse Series run by ASAP. Aside from their folk originals and creative covers, the two managed to keep the crowd highly entertained with their pithy banter and hilarious stories from their lives — one life story on Meredith’s childhood ambition to be a thug even led to a comical rendition of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop” that had the crowd laughing immediately.

What really made the show though were the incredible originals like “Heartbeat”, which show off the powerful vocals of both singers. Oh, and getting to stand between Johnson and Meredith and pretending I was in an episode of “My Life as Liz” didn’t exactly make the night any worse. In short, if you don’t have their music — get it. You’ll enjoy it.

Megan Zaubi
Copy Editor

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