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Weather delays Scots game three hours

September 9, 2011

Kimarri Campbell/ The Courier - Sophmore wide receiver Michael Davis runs the ball towards a heard of Knights at the first game of the season on Saturday, Sept. 3rd. Wartburg and Monmouth kept the score close during the first quarter until Monmouth took the lead in the second. The Knights took the lead in the third quarter, 28-20. Monmouth scored a touchdown in the fourth, but Wartburg defeated the Scots 35-28.

Saturday, the Monmouth College Fighting Scots football team took on the Wartburg Knights in what turned out to be an usual afternoon for football fans.

The first half of the game saw the Scots fall behind the Knights in the first quarter. The Scots fought hard, and some faced minor injuries as a result. By the half, the Scots were up 20-14.

But what started out as a blazing hot day quickly turned sour with ominous looking clouds and scattered droplets of rain. Unperturbed, the Scots played on while the Fighting Scots Marching Band doned clear rain ponchos in preparation for some light showers.

But no one was prepared for the onslaught of hail and rain that pounded the stadium with just a little over seven minutes left in the game with Wartburg up 28-20. Unable to finish, the game was suspended for three hours while everyone ran to avoid the medium sized hail that poured from the sky.

However, what most of the fans took as a sign to vacate the field, a handful of Monmouth College students took for an opportunity to have some good old fashioned college fun.

“I just grabbed my hat for some protection and ran out into the parking lot – it was awesome!” said junior Dillon Docherty, who led the charge out into the tapering off hail.

Other members the Phi Delta Theta fraternities soon followed suit, and not long after descended onto the field.

While a growing crowd looked on, junior Tim Messenger and sophomore Matt Homscheid were among the students sliding across the field, and soon stray footballs were being thrown through the pouring rain.

One of the highlights of what would soon become an enjoyable pick-up game occurred when President Mauri Ditzler himself jogged down from the protection of the announcers box to throw the football with the students on the field.

Soon, the arrival of members of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity sparked the beginning of a pick-up game, led by senior William Grunow who acted as the quarterback for both sides. As the game continued, students like senior Ed Whimp, who had seen what was happening on the field thanks to the MC-TV broadcast, began to arrive.

Much to the enjoyment of the players and the growing crowd of watchers, the workers in the announcers box provided the animations for the touchdowns on the jumbotron, assisted in part by junior Joe Florio, who cheered on his fellow fraternity brothers from the box.

After multiple touchdowns and accidental slides on the wet turf, the rain began to let up and the players dispersed.

And although there was no winner in the impromptu pick-up game in hours during the rain, Wartburg Knights walked away from the first football game of the season victorious against the Monmouth College Fighting Scots, 35 to 28.

The Fighting Scots will travel to Grinnell Saturday for the second game of the season. Last weekend, Grinnell pounded Macalester College 31-6. Last year, Grinnell edged out Monmouth with a 17-15 victory after quarterback Alex Tanney’s season-ending injury. The game starts at 1 p.m.

Megan Zaubi
Copy/Layout Editor

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