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Application process revised

September 16, 2011

The campus is not the only thing about Monmouth College that has been under construction in 2011. Though the equipment, and massive pits and piles of dirt have received a lot of attention, one, smaller, project should also leave its mark on the face of Monmouth College, and have an impact on whose faces you will see around campus. Already in effect is a revised admissions process for prospective students.

The two major changes on the application are requirements to write a 250-word essay and to provide two individuals as references.

“We are not concerned that the new process will negatively impact the number or quality of students who successfully apply to Monmouth College,” said Omar Correa, Vice President for Enrollment Management. “To the contrary, we believe that the results of the new process will allow us to spend less time sifting through a large quantity of applications and spend more time working effectively with a quality student pool.”

The 250-word essay will be a response to one of two provided topics. The first asks the student to evaluate a significant experience, risk they have taken, or ethical dilemma they have faced and write about the impact it had on them. The second asks the student to remark on what a college means to them.

“We’ll get to know [applicants] on a deeper level through their personal writing—how they think and articulate their thoughts and opinions,” said Correa.

The two references applicants must provide are a character reference and an academic reference. The applications provide two evaluation forms, which the prospective students forward to the two individuals they have selected as references.

“We get to know [applicants] through the admission process and become acquainted with them at levels that go above and beyond what their GPA and ACT score may tell us,” said Correa.

The new applications are already available in paper form and online.

Ryan Bronaugh
Veteran Writer

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