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ASMC seeks more student input on 4-4

September 16, 2011

It is time for a broader student-faculty conversation about the 4-4. That’s the goal of Associated Students of Monmouth College, which will hold a special meeting Tuesday with Dean of Faculty David Timmerman to discuss the 4-4. The meeting will be held at 6:30 in HT 109 and is open to all students.

“What we want is people to be involved with the discussion and expressing their own ideas,” said ASMC President Alex Holt.

Holt would also like to see the conversation continue outside the meeting. Students, Holt suggests, should talk to their advisers and to professors to gain a better understanding of the 4-4 and to give their input. Holt also encourages students to discuss the 4-4 with the organizations they’re involved in and to attend the next faculty meeting on Oct. 4.

“When you have an opportunity to influence the kind of education you and future students are going to be getting that’s a huge opportunity because nobody has better first-hand input than [students],” said Holt.

Holt noted that the desire for more dialogue about the 4-4 isn’t limited to students.

“The faculty members really want our opinions,” said Holt. “They really want to hear from the students.”

 The ASMC Executive Board is also drafting an informational flier to help inform the general student body about the 4-4 and how they can get involved.

“I would like to have people at least know the kinds of things that are being proposed,” said Holt.

Faculty Senate is drafting a revised 4-4 proposal to be brought before the whole faculty on Oct. 4. They have also been meeting with individuals and groups to hear concerns and suggestions regarding the proposal. Senate will make a report at the faculty colloquium on Sept. 23.

Wesley Teal
News Editor

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