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Football crushes Grinnell 61-20

September 16, 2011

After the football team’s close 17-15 loss to Grinnell last year, the Fighting Scots were prepared to enact their revenge on the Pioneers on Saturday. At the end of the game, the Scots stepped out victorious with a 61-20 blowout over Grinnell.

From the kickoff, the Scots were ready to show Grinnell they had what was necessary for a victory. Only 18 seconds into the game, quarterback Alex Tanney completed a pass for 63 yards to wide receiver Mike Blodget, scoring the first touchdown of the game and putting the Scots up 7-0.

After Grinnell got the ball back, the Monmouth defense pushed them back to a fourth down with 18 yards to go due to a nine yard sack. After Grinnell punted the ball 16 yards, Monmouth regained possession and scored again, putting the Scots ahead 14-0 with 8:33 on the clock.

Grinnell again could not push through the Monmouth defense and with another turnover, Monmouth scored a field goal from the 30-yard line, finishing the first quarter 17-0.

The second quarter was even better for Monmouth as they rallied 28 points and held the Pioneers from scoring. In less than a minute in to the quarter, Tanney completed a pass to Austin Peterson for 35 yards for the team’s third touchdown. After getting the ball back from the Pioneers, Monmouth’s offense pushed the Pioneers back to their one yard line. A one yard rush from Trey Yocum netted the Scots their fourth touchdown.

After an interception by Adam Hoste, the Scots regained possession. On the first play after the turnover, Tanney passed to Peterson for 38 yards for the fourth touchdown, bringing the score to 38-0.

Monmouth’s defense held the Pioneers back again and forced a 45 yard punt to Monmouth’s 13 yard line. Despite the distance, Monmouth’s offense pushed the ball back up to their 43 yard line before Tanney completed a pass to Nick Law for 54 yards which resulted in Monmouth’s final touchdown of the half and a score of 45-0.

Grinnell led off in the third quarter and began the half with their first touchdown of the season, putting the score at 45-7 four minutes in to the third quarter. They continued to rally with a second touchdown with 6:32 left in the quarter. Monmouth blocked the kick though, putting the score at 47-13.

Grinnell kept up their scoring in the fourth quarter, making their third touchdown of the game and putting the score at 47-20. Their scoring attempts were not enough to keep up with the Scots and after a 11 yard rush by Yocum, the score was 54-20.

Grinnell would not get a chance to score again and Monmouth took advantage of this opportunity, scoring another touchdown with 2:05 left for a final score of 61-20.

Monmouth is now 1-1, 1-0 in the Midwest Conference. Saturday, Sept. 17, they will take on their third opponents of the season, the Lawrence University Vikings. While Monmouth is riding off of a victory against Grinnell, Lawrence comes to Monmouth after a 62-42 victory over Knox last weekend. Last year, Monmouth bested Lawrence 30-25. The game will kickoff at 1 p.m.  at April Zorn Memorial Stadium.

Andrew Drea

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