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New cheer coach hopes to build MC Cheer program

September 23, 2011

In the installment of new coaches that Monmouth College has added to the program, there is one more to add to the list. Kara Sprecher Bent is the new Monmouth College cheerleading coach who hopes to bring a new level of pep to the cheer squad for Monmouth.

After the old coach stepped down, the decision for Bent was easy.

Bent stated that she had assisted the Monmouth College cheer team multiple times and has known a number of the cheer squad members.

“I had been asked by my friend, who coached before me, to help with the nationals routine,” said Bent.

Bent explained that this experience led her to become enthralled with what Monmouth had to offer and how she wanted to be a part of the experience.

As for the future of the program, Bent will start at the basics.

She plans on growing interest in the group here on the Monmouth College campus then expanding the desire to incoming students.

“My plans right now are to build up the program so that there is more of an interest on the campus,” she said.

Bent wants her program to be recognized and viewed as a respectable and necessary entity.

Bent came up with several goals besides attempting to build the interest base for the program. The coach wants to keep focus on the small details that are a part of cheerleading, so that the squad can be fundamentally sound.

“My personal goals for the team would be to keep improving upon the skills the girls have learned,” said Bent.

Bent said that the base the girls have built in the  program is strong and wants to keep working to ensure they are the best they can be in competitions.

Another goal the coach had in mind was to provide support for every sport possible.

The new coach has already made an impact on her athletes. Senior cheerleader Kelsey Beshears explained that Bent has already helped the cheerleading squad.

“I really enjoy her. She is an amazing coach who knows what cheerleading is all about,” said Beshears.

Beshears hopes her new coach will lead the program to a level that it has never been to before.

 Jon Welty
Contributing Writer

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