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Homecoming gets a bit corny

September 30, 2011

Corn toss tournament replaces powder puff football and tug-of-war

With Homecoming less than a month away, the Association for Student Activity Programming (ASAP) has announced its schedule of events for the alumni weekend. However, students who usually participate in the powder puff football and tug-of-war events were surprised to see that the annual competitions have been replaced with a corn toss, or bags, tournament.

“We decided not to do powder puff anymore, because it was a liability issue and people were getting hurt,” said Danielle Tucker, Assistant Director for Campus Events.

According to Tucker, the corn toss tournament will allow any number of people to participate. Previously, the powder puff football game and the tug-of-war and mighty muscles volleyball capped the number of participants. Often, powder puff would have too many people wanting to play while the volleyball and tug-of-war would have too little, forcing the teams that would be divided by class to consolidate into two teams: upperclassmen versus underclassmen.

As of press time, a total of 12 people have signed up to participate in the corn toss tournament. Despite this, Tucker remains optimistic that more will sign up for the event by its deadline, Friday, Oct. 7.

“The first year of any program is always tricky,” said Tucker, “but I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from students so far.”

However, some students are not in favor of the change. Junior Zack Kempf opposes the idea of the corn toss tournament.

“Anybody can go out and play bags,” he said, “but you can’t just go out and play football. It’s kind of like they’re down playing homecoming.”

Kempf said that he will not participate in the tournament, a feeling that he says many students also have.

“What’s the point of homecoming?” he said. “I didn’t think that powder puff football and tug-of-war were that big of a deal to not have on campus anymore.”

According to ASAP Scots Co-Chair Tim Gilmour, many others besides Kempf are lamenting for the old games.

“People don’t like it,” said Gilmour. “They wish we still had powder puff. It was something the classes enjoyed. They don’t know why it’s getting canceled.”

The corn toss tournament will be Oct. 20 at 7 p.m. at April Zorn Memorial Field. The tournament will be an elimination-type tournament set up in brackets.

Andrew Drea

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