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Saturday of Service Kick-off

September 30, 2011

This Saturday, Monmouth College will host it’s first “Saturday of Service”. The program, created by the new Assistant Director of Greek Life, Leadership, and Involvement, Billy Bernard, will place students at different locations around the city of Monmouth to help with service projects.

While Bernard hopes to one day host these events on a monthly basis, this upcoming Saturday of Service will be the only one for this semester, followed by two more next semester, “to start communication with the community,” said Bernard.

For this first Saturday, students will meet at 9:15 a.m. to receive their assignments and then head to their respective sights at 9:45. Students will then provide a variety of services for both the community and the individuals, from helping senior citizens maintain their homes to walking around Monmouth picking up litter.

“While some tasks might seem insignificant,” said Bernard, “it’s important to remember that what they’re doing is benefiting someone else.”

Students will work from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., then return to campus for a light lunch and a discussion about why the services they provided to the community were beneficial.

Although participants have already signed up for this Saturday of Service and walk-ons will not be accepted for organizational reasons, Bernard hopes that students will be encouraged to sign  up for future events.

“Not everyone is in an organization on campus that normally goes out and serves. This is an opportunity for those students that want to serve but might not be a part of an organization to serve as part of a campus wide event,” said Bernard.

Bernard started Saturdays of Service to not just provide students an opportunity to serve in the community, but for organizations in the community to finish large projects that the might not have been able to do without help.

“I think it’s beneficial to give back in any way we can” said Bernard, “and this is a way for everyone to participate and to help out the community of Monmouth.”


Monmouth College students will be serving the community this weekend in a variety of ways:

 Maple City Recycling

–Students will be separating paper that comes from      Monmouth College, and scooping bottles/cans

Warren County Public Library

–Students will be working at a book sale and shifting/moving books

Pioneer Cemetery

–Students will be pulling weeds, picking up trash and recording data into a GPS unit

Shirley Fullerton

–Students will be cleaning out gutters

Mary Buker

–Students will be cleaning out flower beds

Beth Alumbaugh

–Students will be trimming bushes

The Stewart House:

–Students will be cleaning windows, weeding and cleaning out a garage

City of Monmouth

–Students will be walking around the city picking up trash


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