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Construction continues

October 21, 2011

Courtesty of Monmouth College - Monmouth’s new center for science and business, currently under construction between the admissions building and the Huff athletic center

With construction beginning in mid-July and the unveiling of the cornerstone in a special ceremony on Aug. 20, Monmouth’s new science and business center has been underway with no problems, largely due to compliant weather.

With winter edging closer, however, President Mauri Ditzler predicts that construction will encounter at least one problem: inclement weather.

“Mud is the main close on construction, and if it begins to rain, we may fall behind,” Ditzler said.

Even with possibly problems, the time line of the building’s construction, finishing in mid-to-late spring 2013, allows for anywhere from a day to a couple months worth of delays, according to Ditzler.

“We have some flexibility because we don’t expect to be moved in until the end of the semester over the summer,” Ditzler said. “[Weather] will only have an impact if it stops us for four or five months. The bottom line is that it’s a rare occurrence when a building is on schedule and on budget.”

Once construction is completed, some of the older equipment and most furniture in the Haldeman-Thiessen building will be moved to the new building.

“Roughly two-thirds of what we use in HT will be moved to the new building,” Ditzler said.

A decision has yet to be reached on what the college will do with  HT after the new science and business building is completed. HT currently provides heating and cooling for several residence buildings. Several options are under consideration, including remodeling it or tearing it down completely.

Cassie Burton
Staff Writer

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