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4-4 and procedure dominate ASMC

October 28, 2011

Tuesday’s Associated Students of Monmouth College meeting focused on the 4-4 calendar and parliamentary procedure.

The meeting began with professor Michael Connell giving a brief summary of the transition process from Monmouth’s current semester-hour based calendar to the course-based 4-4 calendar, which goes into effect next fall. Connell passed out worksheets designed to help freshmen, sophomores and juniors navigate the transition to the new calendar.

Connell explained that current seniors will have to fulfill the requirements of the current calendar even if they remain for an extra semester.

Current juniors will have to complete 12 of the current 13 general education requirements. They will be allowed to drop either one art or one science course from their general education courses if they have not already completed those requirements.

The worksheets Connell distributed contained a timeline of the transition and an hours-to-courses  conversion chart to help students figure out their standing in the new system.

Current freshmen and sophomores will begin next year under the requirements of the 4-4 calendar. They will have only one art and one science requirement and no human societies requirement.

Connell reassured students that the faculty and administration would work in the favor of students during the transition to the new calendar. He pointed out that those transitioning to the new system will have to complete 31 courses instead of the normal 32 and that current 3-credit courses will be treated the same as their 4-credit equivalents under the new calendar.

“If you’ve got the course, no matter how many hours it was when you took it, it counts,” said Connell. “In every case, we cut the requirements, we move people forward […] you should not be hurt in this process.”

The other major order of business for the night was refining the chamber’s parliamentary procedure.

The chamber introduced organizational nameplates for all of the body’s senators.  The name tags featured a reference list of common parliamentary procedures on the back for each senator.

ASMC also considered two new parliamentary rules from “Robert’s Rules of Order.”

The chamber approved a motion to set a standard 10-minute limit to the discussion of any issue. ASMC also discussed limiting senators to two comments per discussion, but no motion was made.

The body also discussed traffic and safety issues on Broadway. Sen. Tim Morris (Cleland Hall) spoke with city’s zoning committee about the steps the college would need to take to improve traffic safety conditions on Broadway. He explained that the college can request that city police install a speed meter to track how many cars speed on Broadway.

Morris also discussed how to improve parking safety. He suggested installing LED lights in the streetlights to increase brightness and having a security personnel visit women’s residents halls to familiarize students with security’s safety escorting services.

President Alex Holt has been talking with trustee Mark Schultz about getting designs for a converting Broadway into a boulevard with planters and/or a median to improve traffic safety.

Other actions the chamber took Tuesday night:

• Expressed support to make powder puff football and tug-of-war part of Homecoming celebrations again.

• Announced that the reverse osmosis machine in the Underground will be moved into the Stockdale basement within two weeks.

• Announced that the college is considering putting an informational kiosk north of Dunlap Terrace.

• Announced that heating in Winbigler Hall  and Fulton Hall is still not on.

• Announced that all the ethernet ports in residence halls have been reactivated, excluding some ports in lounges.

• Announced that the Table Top Gaming Club will host its monthly game night Friday, Oct. 28, in the Underground from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.

• Announced that the ASAP will show “The Shining” Friday in Dahl Chapel.

• Announced that WMCR will be having a free outdoor concert at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 29.

• Announced that ASMC will give thunder sticks and kilts to students who get their faces and bodies painted for the football game against Knox, Saturday.

• Announced that there will be a Halloween-themed dinner Saturday.

• Announced that Students Organized for Drinking Alternatives is sponsoring a Halloween party in Huff Athletic Center Saturday from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

• Announced that a bowling night will be held at the Galesburg bowling alley Saturday. It costs $5 for two and a half games and $2.50 for shoe rental.

• Announced that Monmouth’s Got Talent will be held Friday, Nov. 4.

• Announced Sustainability Week will begin Nov. 7.

• Announced that the next funding cycle meeting will be held Nov. 10 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Wesley Teal
News Editor

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