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Female a cappella group ready to put on their sassy pants

October 28, 2011

Sixteen Monmouth College women comprise “The Sassy Lassies,” a female a cappella group ready to perform on campus

Kimarri Campbell/The Courier - Members of the female a cappella group, “The Sassy Lassies,” practice for their upcoming performances. During Breast Fest, the Sassy Lassies performed an a cappella version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Many students have heard the Scotsmen perform upbeat a cappella selections. The Scotsmen have made a name on campus by singing at numerous campus events. However, these men have competition- or rather, just a new connection.

Sassy Lassies is a new a cappella group on campus. Started by junior Colleen Sinclair, the group is a female equivalent of the Scotsmen.

Sinclair, who transferred from Illinois State University last spring, had heard the Scotsmen perform many times before coming to Monmouth. After hearing the male group, Sinclair was inspired to create a female version.

“I had seen the Scotsmen perform several times and was surprised there was no female group as well,” said Sinclair. “I am studying to be a music teacher and thought, how great of an experience would it be to establish a music group from scratch?”

From there, Sinclair formed her idea. During spring of last year she found out how many female students would be interested in joining her group. During the summer, Sinclair purchased music and spread the word about fall auditions to students.

“I made it a priority to organize auditions before the chaos of homework set in, and after two weeks of school, I had a group.”

Although the group is not recognized by the college yet, Sinclair is in the process of creating a contract which will grant the group school recognition.

“I am in the process of getting official recognition by the college, but there is a lot involved,” said Sinclair. “Tim Pahel has been a great help through the process of getting established, and all that’s left to do is write up a contract that will be approved by the college. Then we can technically be ‘The Monmouth College Sassy Lassies.’”

Sassy Lassies is composed of 16 members who were required to go through an audition to make it into the group. Professor Tim Pahel, Scotsmen president Dane Feenstra, and junior Allyson Frazier assisted Sinclair in choosing members after auditions.

“Try-outs were advertised on Facebook, through e-mail  and in music classes on campus the first two weeks of school. Each girl signed up for an audition time and auditioned by singing scales and 30 seconds of a ‘poppy’ or Broadway song.”

After selecting her new group, Sinclair noticed many of her members are involved in sororities. Sinclair, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, mentioned the trend of sorority members might be due to sororities’ active involvement with campus organizations.

“I think sororities tend to attract girls who want to be involved on campus. Many of the girls in Sassy Lassies are also involved in honors societies, theater and resident life, on top of all their homework. This can make it difficult to rehearse, which is why we practice so late at night, but it also generates a lot of support.”

Jennifer Simmons, a sophomore in Alpha Xi Delta, joined because she loves to sing. Simmons, who is also a member in chorale and pipe band, agreed with Sinclair on sorority members’ involvement on campus.

“I have noticed a lot of the members are in sororities,” said Simmons. “I think it’s because most sorority girls love to be involved in their school and Sassy Lassies is another way to do it. We have members from all three of [the sororities].”

Sinclair also mentioned that having sorority members in Sassy Lassies produces support. At Breast Fest on Oct. 16, Sinclair was grateful to have people in the audience she could recognize for the group’s first performance.

“Many of the girls who are in sororities,” said Sinclair, “as well as Sassy Lassies were supported by their sisters at Breast Fest. I know it was comforting for me to look out in the audience and see Kappas there to support us.”

Sassy Lassies just had their first performance at Breast Fest, but have several performances in November.

“We are also planning on singing at Alpha Xi’s Touched By An Angel, an event that raises awareness about abuse, Nov. 11,” said Sinclair. “The Chorale Drag Show fundraiser Nov. 12 in Dahl Chapel is another concert we will perform at this semester.”

As of now, Sinclair hopes to promote Sassy Lassies. Sinclair and Simmons agree that the girls are all working hard during rehearsals. Sassy Lassies also has plans on collaborating with the Scotsmen in the future, but for now, Sinclair’s goal is to continue growing into a well-recognized, talented group.

“As a new group, I want to put our name out there by performing at as many events as possible,” she said. “I want all the Sassy Lassies to become comfortable singing in front of an audience so we can grow into a great, entertaining music group.”

Stevie Croisant
Copy/Layout Editor

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