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IFC discusses recruitment reform

October 28, 2011

Adam Ruble/The Courier - Interfraternity Council President John Wuich leads the discussion of formalizing the fraternity recruitment process at their Wednesday meeting.

This past Wednesday, after rescheduling the weekly meeting for 7:30 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. without alerting the public, the Interfraternity Council regrouped for the second consecutive week to discuss recruitment reform. When it came time to vote on the proposal, created by a committee headed by senior Kevin Ross (Phi Gamma Delta), IFC’s director of public relations, a closed ballot revealed a vote of 13 to 7, one vote shy of a two-thirds vote in favor of the proposed rules.

“We want to set up a clear system that is fair for everyone,” said sophomore Alex Mackley (Zeta Beta Tau), “or at least a general set of guidelines so everyone starts off at a level playing field.”

The proposal outlined a four-week process for fraternity recruitment, with no fraternities having official parties the first week. The second and third weeks of rush would consist of formal and informal parties for potential new members but prohibiting fraternities from handing out bids. The fourth week would designate a specific day for each of the five fraternities to hand out bids allowing potential recruits to receive more than one bid. On Friday of the fourth week, recruits would accept only one (or no) bid.

Since IFC did not procure a positive vote, each fraternity received a copy of the policy to be reviewed by its members and brought to Wednesday’s meeting.

“We needed 14 votes, and now it’s back to the drawing board,” said Ross. “Each fraternity can edit the policy and bring it forward next Wednesday, and we’ll have a brainstorming session to see if we can come up with a policy that everyone is satisfied with.”

Since the creation of Ross’s position for recruitment was created earlier this year with specific intentions to create recruitment rules, guidelines for recruitment must be outlined, according to IFC President John Wuich (Phi Delta Theta).

“Part of Kevin’s position is to create a schedule and rules,” said Wuich. “Whether it’s agreed that there aren’t rules or if there’s a strict set of guidelines, we have to have a set of rules agreed upon by all chapters.”

Cassie Burton
Staff Writer

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