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Trustees talk strategy

October 28, 2011

Adam Ruble/The Courier - Trustees discuss a draft Monmouth College’s strategic plan which will guide the college over the coming years.

Monmouth College’s Board of Trustees met during Homecoming weekend to review drafts of the college’s strategic plan. Trustees were charged with looking over the draft of the public version of the plan and discussing everything from the wording to the overall goals.

In 2010, a vision statement was finalized by the trustees that outlined the way Monmouth College wished to grow and be perceived.

The vision statement states that by the year 2025, “Monmouth College will be widely known as a liberal arts college, which, through its distinctive integrated learning curriculum, produces graduates of extraordinary character and ability, who are well-prepared both professionally and personally to be leaders in a complex world.”

The vision statement outlined three areas in which Monmouth College hoped to grow and excel. The college seeks to create leaders capable of addressing complex problems, to provide opportunities for hard-working students to succeed regardless of background and to exemplify the advantages of a private, residential, liberal arts education.

The main purpose of last weekend’s meetings was to work on a strategic plan that details how the college intends to achieve the goals laid out in the statement.

The plan is outlined in four individual strategies:  to inspire students to lead and serve in democratic societies, to build an environment that promotes active learning, to prepare students to solve complex problems and to guide students to discover meaningful careers and purpose in life.

The plan further breaks down each strategic point into specific methods to reach its goals. One of the means the plan details for helping students find meaning in their lives and careers is to enhance and expand opportunities for academic and professional advising, internships, student involvement and spiritual reflection.

During the meeting on Oct. 21, the trustees looked over the entire document and discussed everything from the outline of the program to the wording of the wording of the strategies.

Board chairman David Byrnes was proud of the work the trustees were doing.

“Once people see the institution and what we’re doing, they fall in love,” said Byrnes. “It really is a labor of love for these people to be here.”

It may be over a year before a final version of the strategic plan is approved by the board of trustees. In the coming meetings, the trustees will review and confirm the plan.

“I’m just excited about the direction the college is going in and the enthusiasm of the students,” said Byrnes.

The strategic plan also envisions a growth of the student population to 1,500 to 2,000 students. Trustees discussed how Monmouth would need to make changes in its residential and academic spaces to accommodate such growth. A group hired by the board suggested creating more spaces for student life and success as well as more spaces for music, art and theater.

Megan Zaubi
Features Editor

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