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Assault mars Halloween weekend

November 4, 2011

A walk home from the bar is usually the least eventful part of a night out, but that wasn’t the case for Monmouth students Ross Donnan and Nick Flemming.

The two were walking home on First Ave. in the early morning of Oct. 30 with another unidentified Monmouth student when they were approached by a group of two men and two women. The group began verbally harassing the students before attacking Donnan and Flemming.

“We said we’d like them to leave us alone and go home. Then I was hit in the face. Nick was hit from behind,” said Donnan. ”It’s kind of a blur from there on out.”

Donnan suffered a broken nose, black eye and cut lip from the assault. Flemming suffered a broken nose, two black eyes, a cut lip and swollen temple from the assault. Both were taken to the hospital briefly. The third student was unharmed.

Police are currently investigating the incident. The identity of the assailants is currently unknown as is their reason for attacking Donnan and Flemming.

Donnan wants to put the attack behind him.

“It happened, I’m over it,” said Donnan. “We both have more important things to worry about.”

Monmouth College and the Monmouth police department recommend that students should use Broadway and avoid side streets when traveling to or from the college after dark.

“It’s well lit and also there are cars going almost all night long,” said Mohsin Masood, associate dean of students. “There’s less chance that kind of a situation on Broadway.”

Campus security has begun making extra rounds on campus and to the college’s outlying parking lots. City police are also currently making extra rounds.

Wesley Teal
News Editor

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