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IFC continues recruitment talks

November 4, 2011

Following a pre-meeting between members of the Inter-Fraternity Council recruitment sub-committee, IFC and members of all five fraternity chapters met again Wednesday night to discuss the new proposal for recruitment rules. Thirty-three fraternity members attended the meeting.

“I am happy that the Greek community is able to work together to come to a mutual agreement on issues,” said freshman Ryan Arndt (Sigma Phi Epsilon). “This is just another step that will help us become a stronger fraternity society as a whole.”

The current proposal only outlines fall recruitment for next year. It states that the fraternity walkthrough would occur on Sat., Sept. 1 when open rush events would start for all chapters, and continue until Sept. 13.

“I think it would be an advantage to all the fraternities if there were some rules everyone followed,” said junior Dillon Docherty (Phi Delta Theta). “This past fall I realized we need some kind of structure so that recruitment is fair for the fraternities and for the incoming freshmen.”

The main points of interest were deciding on an acceptance day(s). Members debated between having only one set day for new recruits to accept a bid, having two days set approximately a week apart where new recruits could accept or deny bids, or to be able to accept when they first receive a bid.

“I think there should just be one acceptance day,” Docherty said, “because that’s how we did it my freshman year and I feel like it worked out great.”

The only effect the new rules would have on summer recruitment would be  requiring chapters to submit a list of new members gained during the summer period by a certain date before classes began.

“Everyone is talking about what is best for everyone,” said Billy Bernard, assistant director of Greek life. “It’s a hot topic, but it’s important for all chapters to vocalize their opinions on this policy.”

Each chapter received a copy of the proposal to review with all members. The recruitment subcommittee will meet next Wednesday at 7 p.m. and IFC will hold another meeting that day at 8 p.m. to further discuss concerns and, according to Bernard, possibly come to a vote.

 “It’s taken a lot of time and will take a bit more,” Bernard said, “but it isn’t a fast process, nor should we expect it to be. Overall I’m proud that 33 people came and they’re putting themselves in freshmen’s place, because their [freshmen’s] experience is what is most important

Cassie Burton
Staff Writer

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