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Movie is “One for All”

November 4, 2011

The film, The Three Musketeers directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, follows a young boy wanting to reach his dream of becoming a musketeer. When we meet D’Artagan, played by  Logan Lerman, he is practicing sword fighting with his father.

At this point the audience gets to see a taste of his talent. When he and his father stop fighting his father gives D’Artagan the sword he was using, along with what money he could give away, and tells him that he will need it to become a musketeer,.

D’Artagan is arrogant and makes a lot of mistakes in his first few days away from home, and angers many people, most significantly The Three Musketeers: Athos, played by Matthew Macfadyen; Porthos, played by Ray Stevenson; and Armis, played by Luke Evans.

The plot’s main focus is action, but the film has many subplots, mostly romance and comedy. The Three Musketeers is a good family film since the subplots provide interest for all types of adult movie-watchers and the 3D version helps to keep children involved and enticed in the film. 

The comic relief is the musketeer’s servant, who is constantly made fun of. The character helps keep audiences who are fans of comedies involved in the movie, D’artagan is in love with one of the Queen’s ladies in waiting, which adds a romantic plot to the movie to help people who are into romance stay involved in the movie, and the plot is filled with sword fighting and action which keeps viewers on their toes, anxious to see what happens next.

The effects make the movie seem realistic. The sword fights and the ship keeping the audience interested and entertained.

Overall The Three Musketeers is a film with tons of action and a good film to take family to see when they visit!  

Jamie Waters
Contributing Writer

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