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ASMC discusses academics

November 11, 2011

Academic issues dominated Tuesday’s Associated Students of Monmouth College meeting. The body discussed ways in which to enhance Monmouth’s academic life and reputation.

“We’ve got sports pretty well down,” said ASMC President Alex Holt. “Something we don’t necessarily do very well is academic competition.”

Ideas for academic activities included: a model United Nations, a mock legislature, a scientific conference, an intercollegiate art show, an intercollegiate concert and a mixed academic-athletic competition.

The chamber discussed extending the library’s operating hours. Students suggested that the library could open earlier on Sundays or stay open later Friday and Saturday nights. ASMC plans to have library usage monitor and use SurveyMonkey to poll students views on library hours.

“As we move to a more academically minded campus, I think this is a good shift,” said Treasurer Corbin Beastrom. “What does it say about the institution that it closes down on Friday and Saturday?”

The body also discussed parking and safety issues. It was suggested that parking passes be sold by lot and that upperclassmen have precedence in lot selection. Sen. Liz Keturi (Morter Board) announced that students still are not parking in the 11th Street and Euclid Street parking lots and that security was denying people rides from outlying lots.

“I had a sprained ankle and couldn’t find a spot on 9th street,” said Sen. Phillip Buckwinkler (Pre-Law Society). “I called them to see if I could get a ride and she said ‘I’m only doing this because you have a sprained ankle. Otherwise, that’s not something we’re supposed to do.’”

The body also talked about safety options for Broadway. The parking and safety committee is in discussion with the city and is researching state traffic laws. The committee is looking to propose crosswalks and a reduced speed zone near campus.

Other actions the chamber took Tuesday night:

• Approved the constitutions of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Coaching Club, Trading Card Club and Spanish Conversation and Practice Club.

•Announced that two new bicycles have been purchased and that damaged bicycles will be repaired by an outside company by next spring.

• Expressed support for extending Einstein Bagel Brothers’ hours.

• Announced that Fulton Hall is without heat.

• Announced that the reverse osmosis machine from the Underground will be moved to the Stockdale Center.

• Announced that the issue with cloudy glassware in the cafeteria is improving.

• Announced that food service is working to design portions that will bebelow meal exchange values for Scotland Yard.

Announced the college is working to double the bandwidth by next semester, moving the campus connection speed up to 150 mbps.

Showed support for a family day in the spring.

Announced that Jessica Avila is senior class president.

Discussed improving the quality of campus food.

Announced Alpha Xi Delta is hosting “Touched by an Angel” Friday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. in Dahl Chapel.

Announced that Chorale is hosting a talent/drag show Saturday, Nov. 12 at 7 p.m. in Dahl Chapel.

Announced a GRE preparation will take place on Nov. 17 in Peterson Hall at 7 p.m.

Announced that Wind Ensemble is having a concert Sunday, Nov. 13, in Dahl Chapel at 2 p.m.

Announced the Midwest Journal of Undergraduate Research is seeking submissions.

Announced that ASMC will not meet on Nov. 22.

Wesley Teal
News Editor

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