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Beauty March will address privilege

November 11, 2011

Many women wake up every morning following the same routine: brush teeth, fix hair, put on makeup never acknowledging the privilege it is to be able to have this routine. While some women spend over $100 on beauty products, many women would be grateful to even own a toothbrush.

Six students from professor Stacy Lotz’s citizenship class are trying to change all that with Monmouth’s first activist Beauty March on Nov. 20 at 3:00 p.m. on Dunlap Terrace.

The Beauty March is a collective effort to gather various feminine products, toothpaste, makeup, canned food, money and other supplies to donate to under-privileged women. For the march, participants are encouraged to come “natural,” that is with no makeup or hair products in order to remind themselves of the privilege it is to have these things in the first place.

“We forget our privileges,” said group member Jackie Deskovich. “We get to be hygienic and feel pretty because of it, and we take that for granted.” 

The participants will also wear signs around their necks saying things that they like about themselves in order to promote the idea that beauty does not boost self-esteem.

“It’s a good reminder to each participant that outward appearance isn’t what makes you who you are,” said group member Jadian Simkins.

The idea for the march developed with fellow group member Rissa Inman who expressed her desire one day to not do her hair and makeup. From that, the group came up with the idea to have a day devoted to not wearing makeup and fixing their hair while gathering the supplies for underprivileged women to be able to do so.

“I own over 30 $7 lip glosses,” said Deskovich. “Some people would be happy just to be able to brush their teeth.”

The march is open to students of all genders. The group’s goal is give the donations to a women’s shelter. Their hope for the future is to have someone continue the march after they graduate, and to turn it into something the whole campus can partake in.

Jennell Oddo
Online Manager

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