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Broadway safety remains a concern for many

November 11, 2011

Adam Ruble/The Courier - Tim Morris (Cleland Hall Council) and Anders Nelson (Phi Delta Theta) discuss parking and Broadway safety issues during committee break-out at Tuesday’s ASMC meaning.

For some Monmouth College students, getting to school can be dangerous due to the amount of traffic on Broadway. 

This is a problem, says Tim Morris, who has been working with the Associated Students of Monmouth College on the issue, because many people speed through the section of Broadway that runs through  the south end of campus.

Students living the Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Xi Delta, International and Alpha Tau Omega houses must cross that street. The safety concerns these students have need to be addressed, according to Morris.

“We cannot have ‘what college was meant to be’ if the safety of students is ignored,” said Morris.

Emily Dawiec, the Kappa house manager, agreed. 

“There is nothing being done on Broadway,” said Dawiec.

Another concern that Dawiec has is parking and pulling out safely on the street.

“Since there are so many cars on Broadway, we can’t really see around them to pull out,” said Dawiec. “These problems have been occurring as long as we have been here.”

Dawiec suggested that a crossing sign near the Kappa and Alpha Xi houses might be a good addition to Broadway. 

“Cars won’t necessarily have to stop,” Dawiec says, “but [they’ll] slow down and realize that we are crossing or be more courteous and stop to let us cross.” 

Morris said that some suggestions for the street include putting crosswalks or a reduced speed zone between 6th Street and 9th Street.  

President Mauri Ditzler gave another option, one college trustees would like to see at some point in the future, where Broadway would become a boulevard.

Ditzler’s vision of a boulevard would mean landscaping and beautifying Broadway in order to create a more attractive place. Ditzler hopes such efforts would encourage motorists to slow down and admire the scenery and strengthen the connection between the college and the city.

Another proposed option for the boulevard would be to put a grassy median on Broadway. Making the street wide enough to accommodate a median could mean taking away parking on one or both sides of Broadway. 

Ditzler is planning on talking to Eric Hanson, the city manager, within the next few days to talk about what the college and the city could do together for the street.

ASMC has recently put together the Parking and Broadway Safety Committee, which is talking with students, the city and with the college’s trustees to determine what should be done in order to ensure student safety.

Rachel Jacob
Contributing Writer

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