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IFC passes new recruitment rules

November 11, 2011

Joe Florio/The Courier - Zack Gillengerten, Alex Mackley, Ross Donnan, Zack Goodman and Ryan Palmer discuss new recruitment rules Wednesday.

At their weekly meeting Wednesday night, sighs of relief filled the room when the Inter-Fraternity Counsel successfully passed new recruitment rules with a unanimous decision of 20-0.

“It’s a positive thing,” said Billy Bernard, assistant director of Greek life. “It gives structure to the fraternities and makes us look more organized at the beginning of the year.”

IFC reached a decision after several weeks of debate. Delegates from each of the college’s five fraternities formed a recruitment sub-committee that met prior to regular IFC meetings. Such meetings occurred to specifically address concerns from all chapters, but progress was inhibited due to low attendance, according to senior IFC President John Wuich (Phi Delta Theta).

“It was a lot more painful than it needed to be,” said Wuich. “The point of the pre-meetings was to get discussion done then, but people wouldn’t show up. This week, all members showed up, and we passed it.”

The new rules only affect fall recruitment. Per the new guidelines, the anticipated fraternity walkthrough would occur Saturday, Sept. 1. Open rush events would begin that day and end on Thursday, Sept. 13, with one bid day and an acceptance day following afterwards.

“I don’t think the process took too long because, everyone came and talked in the best interest of their chapter,” Bernard said. “If we were going to do this, we needed to do it right. Everyone handled it in a mature way, and I think the IFC took away lessons on how to run future issues.”

Creating concrete recruitment rules came after a sloppy recruitment process this past fall, according to Wuich.

“I’m relieved that it passed, because I think this will help in the long run,” Wuich said. “This year was very uncoordinated, especially when I think back to my freshman year when it worked a lot better and was more fun. Now it will be more structured.”

Both Bernard and Wuich hope that the new rules will allow time for chapter committees and the IFC to plan for Rush and give freshmen a clearer idea of fraternity life.

“It will hopefully raise numbers, because the rules will help chapters get organized and incoming freshmen will know when this time is,” Bernard said. “The process was a bit of a struggle, but members represented their chapters well.”

Other business for IFC consisted of appointing a delegate to attend the Greek Week meeting and naming Trina Barry and Jeff Steele the Faculty Members of the Week.

Cassie Burton
Staff Writer

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