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Modern Warfare catches and holds players’ attention

November 11, 2011

This last Tuesday marked the much anticipated release date of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, one of the hottest titles set to be released this year.  This game is so desired because it ties up everything from the complex and heated plots of the prior two games, Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, and ends the ongoing story in that series of Call of Duty very well. 

This third game even pays tribute to the earlier games by showing a scene from both of first two games from a different point of view.  This thrilling game has three different modes of play: Single-Player, Special Operations and Multi-Player.  The Single-Player mode delivers an unrelenting and thrilling story, showing the culmination of every character’s efforts from the first two games, while keeping the events unfolding still filled to the brim with undying action sequences that just do not let up.  The Single Player is ultimately really satisfying, and it kept both us really engaged the entire time.  Special Operations mode, or “Spec Ops,” is a type of game play full of extra challenges and missions to complete if a player really is not in the mood to play Single-Player or Multi-Player. 

Spec Ops brings back some of the familiarity from the missions in Modern Warfare2 but adds a round-based survival mode where a player, with a teammate if he or she chooses, can fight against increasingly harder waves of enemies.  In Survival mode, you gain money as you succeed that you can put towards new weapons as well as upgrades for weapons, equipment, body armor and air support.  Survival mode also has a leveling system that is completely segregated from the multiplayer, and in the survival mode, players cannot prestige, and 50 is the level cap.   

The game’s only downfall from what we could see was the game’s Multi-Player. 

While this mode is fun to play, it is essentially a skeleton of the multi-player from Modern Warfare 2.   One thing that was changed is there are now no more kill streaks in the Multi-Player.  Instead, there are point-streaks, based not solely on kills but on how well players succeed in the task that the players are supposed to be completing in a round, whether it is installing a bomb, capturing a flag or eliminating all of the enemies.  And if a player gets a certain point-streak, they will be rewarded with predator missiles, attack helicopters, etc. 

Also most of the guns available to use in Multi-Player are guns from Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 with minimal alterations.  All of this aside though, the graphics and the quality of the production of the game in general are incredible, and anyone who plays it can tell a lot of effort was put into this game to make it look really, really nice.  Overall, the replay value is high, and even though the Multi-Player is a rough copy of Modern Warfare 2, this game is still really fun to play and pretty engaging. 

James Gascoin and Zach Monti
Contributing Writers

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