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Security reinstates rides

November 18, 2011

After a complaint at the Nov. 8 Associated Students of Monmouth College meeting, security is once again providing transportation for students who feel uneasy walking from off campus.

According to Dean Jacquelyn Condon, Vice President for Student Life, who heard the complaint at the meeting, the issue is due to the fact that there are new security personnel on campus who may have forgotten that the service is part of security’s duties.

“It’s easily fixed and we’re glad to fix it,” said Condon, who said that she spoke with Dean Mohsin Masood, Director of Residence Life and Student Affairs, who oversees the security force at Monmouth College and corrected the issue. Since then, security has been offering rides. Freshman Phil Buckwinkler, who brought the issue to Senate, said he received a ride Sunday and Thursday without objection from the same guard who told him it was not security’s responsibility to provide escort services earlier this month.

“I still think twice every time I make the phone call,” said Buckwinkler, “but with increased confidence every time.”

Because he is a freshman, Buckwinkler usually parks in the Ninth Street parking lot. However, when the lot is full, he parks in the 11th street lot.

“With the current gang situation in Monmouth, I don’t feel safe,” said Buckwinkler. “I’ve heard people have been jumped and that’s more than enough to scare me.”

According to Condon, the escort service is offered for people like Buckwinkler who do not feel comfortable walking back to campus after parking in an off-campus lot. However, that does not prohibit student attempts to abuse the service.

“We ask students use the escort service in a legitimate manner so that people who need to be served can be served,” said Condon.

Condon suggested that asking security to transport someone from one residence hall to another would not be an appropriate use of security’s services unless the request is from a person who is injured or otherwise unable travel across campus.

“We want people to feel comfortable,” said Condon, “and if you don’t feel comfortable, give them a call.”

Andrew Drea


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