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Students plan multicultural ‘fratority’

November 18, 2011

Joe Florio/The Courier - Rebecca Isaacs, Imelda Avila, Garrett Daniel and Natasha Mables discuss possible plans for founding Monmouth’s first multicultural, coeducational “fratority” in the Highlander Room.

Monmouth may gain its first “fratority” in the not too distant future. Sophomores Garrett Daniel and Natasha Mables held an interest meeting Tuesday night to discuss forming a multicultural and coeducational fraternal organization.

“By emphasizing both multicultural and coed, we are trying to put diversity and equality as the rule of our organization instead of just a really great bonus like it is with a lot of organizations on campus,” said Daniel.

For Daniel, traditional Greek life is meant to improve both individual members and the wider community while helping form local leaders. To that, he would like to focus on bringing together people of various ethnic, economic and gender backgrounds to foster mutual understanding.

Sophomore Emery Johnson-Miles noted that a coeducational organization has special benefits for students who don’t fit into traditional gender categories.

“The way Greek life works right now, if you are transgender it’s really tricky to work around because organizations don’t have specific policies,” said Johnson-Miles. “I really like [Greek life]. I like how it unifies people and joins people together as a family and a team. I feel like that’s why a multicultural and diverse organization is needed because some people don’t have a place on campus.”

Johnson-Miles explained that a person who is transition from one gender to another would have trouble fitting into the current male-only and female-only fraternal societies at Monmouth.

The group would also work to maintain a high academic standard among its members by hosting study tables. The group’s initial grade point average required for admission is a 2.5, although they would like to raise the GPA requirement after they become established.

Daniel wants to see the group focus its service efforts on youth as well as elderly and environmental concerns.

The group aims to have at least three ethnic groups represented in its membership and to maintain a nearly equal male-to-female ratio. The group also intends to keep membership fees low.

The idea for a coeducational organization came about after an effort to found a separate multicultural fraternity and sorority in the prior academic year failed to gain enough interest to found separate organizations. Daniel is confident this new effort will meet with more success.

“The campus itself is becoming more diverse year by year,” said Daniel. “This could be something that really lasts and improves Monmouth College.”

Daniel hopes to establish a recognized colony by the 2012-2013 school year.

Organizations that the interest group are considering affiliating with include Theta Delta Sigma or Delta Psi Alpha. Daniel noted that the interest group also has the option of forming an independent organization.

Wesley Teal
News Editor

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