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Campus Poll Shows Split On Many Issues

December 9, 2011

A recent campus poll reveals that change is not as scary as it is perceived to be, at least not for students at MC. According to a poll taken this month by the students of Robin Johnson’s Campaign Methods class Barack Obama leads in popularity by less than 4% over the—yet to be determined—republican presidential candidate and a majority feel the 4 – 4 schedule and curriculum change will have, either none or, very little effect; good or bad.

The poll consisted of ten questions and was designed to determine how students feel about a wide array of issues; issues directly related to campus life or those of a broader, national level. A random sample of 100 was taken from the 207 students or faculty that chose to complete the survey.

 From that sample over two-thirds were female; out of 100 only 1 person chose not to identify their sex. The rural background superseded the urban by a margin of 15%, as 59 of the 100 considered themselves to be from a rural community.  Sophomores took the majority as 28.6% of the 100 were in their second year at MC; 25.5% were juniors, 24.5% freshman, 19.4% seniors and the remaining 2% identified themselves as other.

Nationalized Service Requirement:

When asked, “Do you believe that there should be some form of Nationalized Service Requirement?” more than half (55%) of those in the sample had no opinion; while 17% agreed somewhat and 5% strongly agreed, 16% disagreed somewhat and 10% strongly disagreed.

Government/Private Healthcare System:

Tackling the issue of government mandated healthcare has been tough for both sides of aisle, and MC seems follow the trend of the nation in being seemingly split on the issue. 39.2% felt healthcare should remain privatized, while 36.1% felt healthcare should be government controlled and mandated; still 26.8% of the 100 sampled had no opinion or felt neither should be in place. Begs the question of what neither could mean, doesn’t it?


The MC campus will not remain silent during the 2012 election, at least not entirely. Nearly 70% of those questioned said they planned on voting during the next election cycle. Though, the Democratic and Republican parties will have a tough battle over MC students as the poll reveals only 36.5% expect to vote for Barack Obama; this over the 33.3% who plan to vote for whatever Republican candidate wins the primary and faces President Obama in the upcoming general election. The remaining 32.3% declared they do not plan to vote at all.


Ryan Bronaugh

Contributing Writer






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One Response to Campus Poll Shows Split On Many Issues

  1. Scott Sheller

    December 11, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    This is a very interesting poll. It would be interesting if we could compare these numbers to what the campus thought in 2008. I’m sure Obama was more popular before people understood how disastrous his policies are. In an ironic twist, Obama’s capital expropriating policies have hurt minorities and young people the most. More experienced and skilled labor have taken many of the jobs that the younger and less skilled typically hold.
    Almost anybody who really studies economic history would have known the stimulus bill was certainly going to fail and prolong the recovery. Keynesian stimulus spending has so many holes that it probably shouldn’t have been attempted anywhere in the first place. Unfortunately, it has been tried and failed, predictably, all over the world. Our economically illiterate politicians could have just glanced over to Japan or Zimbabwe and seen how “stimulus” spending worked on those economies– it didn’t.

    Judging by his policies and their predictable outcomes, Obama despises poor people and minorities more than any modern American president. It is quite evident in the unemployment rates of these groups under Obama. Cash for Clunkers greatly reduced the supply of “clunker” vehicles which, as an unintended consequence raised the price for used cars. (Who knows? Maybe Obama hates the poor just that much and it was not unintended?) Now many poor people are much worse off having to pay more for a used car or possibly not affording the car that they wanted.

    It seems that every policy Obama implements is aiming at the neck of poor Americans, judging by his policies ineluctable outcomes. As an abundance of evidence shows net job growth come from start-ups, Obama counters in an attempt to mitigate employment by crippling investment for such endeavors with his capital killing Obama-Care and anti-business stance. Since Obama has become president, start-ups have decreased significantly. It is not a coincidence that employment has suffered as well.

    Why Obama hates poor people is still a mystery, but his policies show he does unrepentantly. There are many economically ignorant people who support Obama still, and it is unfortunate.