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New clubs on campus

February 10, 2012

Now that the second semester has officially started, emails fill inboxes and fliers decorate the campus as new groups make their debut on students’ radar. The newly organized Students Alumni Association (SAA) and RotarAct as well as the Monmouth Disney Club, formed last semester, have begun to publicize to get students involved more with Monmouth College as well as the community at large.

SAA’s official mission is “to promote the interests of the past, present, and future at Monmouth College.” To accomplish this goal, the group, started by Lucy Thompson and the Alumni Department, hopes to team up both students and alumni for service work projects while bringing its members various leadership opportunities.

“Anytime an alum wants to stop by campus,” said senior Haleigh Turner, “or are coming for a meeting, we get notified and are able to set up lunches with students that preferably are in the same career field. All in all, our goal is to help students make connections with alumni to help further students in their job search.”

Currently, the executive board’s main priorities consisted of drawing up a Constitution and by-laws so as to achieve recognition from the Associated Students of Monmouth College (ASMC).

An interest meeting was held on Feb. 7 in the Mellinger Learning Center. According to Kevin Ross, his interest for SAA stemmed from hearing of its success at other universities.

“SAA sounded like a great opportunity,” Ross said. “A lot of very large universities and campuses have SAA and have really connected the alumni with the students on campus and at different events. I would like this organization to be the talk of the campus.”

RotarAct is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. RotarAct clubs are either community or university based and give members the chance to participate in international and local service projects.

An interest meeting was held this past Tuesday Electronic Classroom in Hewes Library, where several members of the local Monmouth Rotary Club met with interested students. The speakers at that meeting discussed the Rotary motto of “Service above Self” as well as service projects they participate in.

The interest group will be meeting again in two weeks to begin the process of becoming a recognized student organization with ASMC.

Students also have the opportunity to help on a national level when they donate to the Monmouth College Disney Club. Comprised mainly of freshmen, the club became official partners with the Make-A-Wish Foundation last semester.

“The Make-A-Wish Foundation has worked with Disneyworld for a long time,” said freshman Andrew Shiakallis, “so it only seemed appropriate to us that we should raise money for that organization, especially since it’s a great cause.”

Efforts to collect money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Disney Club have included sending letters to members’ friends and family asking for donations and setting up a donation booth at football games.

“We’re taking it slow right now so that everything we do is done right,” Shiakallis said.

Shiakallis, who has been to Disney World a total of 82 times over the course of his life, began the Monmouth Disney Club after meeting several people at summer orientation who expressed interest in such a club. The club hosts meetings and also Disney movie nights at various locations where members watch their favorite Disney movies.

“Everyone who is there wants to be there,” said freshman Emily Bell, who is in charge of recruitment. “They’re all still in touch with their inner child and want to have a good time.”

Cassie Burton and Michelle Hutchison
Staff Writer and Contributing Writer


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