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Paralytic Stalks

February 10, 2012

Of Montreal’s latest album Paralytic Stalks is like a one stop psychedelic candy shop. The album opens up with paranormal noises that immediately catch your attention and draw you in. They have you hooked and then the noise calms downs and lead singer Kevin Barnes begins to sing in his falsetto voice. The next thing you know you are on track two and the album takes a turnaround and you want to skip that track.

The album is a love hate relationship between each song as it plays. Dour Percentage is the song that brings back all the memories from Of Montreal’s earlier albums, while the track Spiteful Interventions just makes you raise an eyebrow and question the reasoning behind it.

What is unique about the album is that it draws from the Beatles. There are heavy undertones of the Magical Mystery Tour mixed with some Revolution 9 abstract noise, with a dash of Lady Madonna here and there. It has a nostalgic feel to the whole album that just makes one nod their head to the beat, whether they like the song or not.

The sad part about Paralytic Stalks is that there is no room for a single. The album is meant to be listened to in one sitting. Commercially, the album is a flop. Of Montreal was never mainstream when they first started and with this album, Paralytic Stalks, they are bound to only entertain few ears and occupy only small venues.

The album is meant for that small crowd of people who love odd, weird, wacky, conceptual albums. I don’t ever think the album will even grace the Billboard Top 200, but it certainly will fall into the hands of a couple college students and be slowly but surely played in that realm of listeners.

Noel Keyes
Contributing Writer


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