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Funding efforts see increased success

March 2, 2012

As of late February, Monmouth College’s increased efforts to fundraise reaped its benefits with a total of $7,297,203. The number is a significant increase over the 2010-2011 fundraising, which yielded $5,851,286.

According to Vice President of Development Molly Ball, the significant increase in fundraising is due to quicker pledge payments and the annual phonathon, which saw an increase of 20 percent in donors.

“The phonathon uncovered a lot of alumni, some of whom we hadn’t contacted in 30 years,” said Ball. “Part of my department’s job means going to talk to these people to tell them about Monmouth and talk about giving, whether it’s a gift or a pledge or a scholarship.”

While fundraising does not come in a certain amount per month, Ball and President Mauri Ditzler point out Monmouth’s fiscal year is only halfway over.

“Monmouth College has raised more than $10 million only twice in history,” said Ditzler, “and while donations don’t come in equally per month, $7 million is a good place to be halfway through the year. If we don’t raise more money, it will still be a good year, but I certainly hope that we do.”

With several notable donations being made this year, including $1 million made by 1980 alum Kevin Goodwin, the college’s endowment of $75 million is also significantly higher than other schools in the Associated College of the Midwest (ACM). Of that $75 million, only 4.5 percent of it is used per year, a percentage set by trustees.

“We are very conservative with our spending,” Ball said. “We’re very fortunate to have the people that give back. Our alumni are confident with Monmouth’s vision and believe in its students.”

Cassie Burton
Staff Writer

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