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Condom stuffing short staffed

March 30, 2012

Nearly a month after the Spectrum first began their condom campaign, the amount of condoms requested has finally overrun the 500 condoms given to the group by the condom company Trojan.

Spectrum still has free condoms to give out from the HIV/AIDS prevention center in Peoria, but are discovering that they don’t have enough volunteers to meet the demand.

“The condom program hasn’t been running since Spring Break, because we haven’t had the people- power necessary to meet demand,” said Emery Johnson-Miles, a member of Spectrum.

To encourage more students to help with the campaign who don’t necessarily want to attend Spectrum meetings, the members of the Condom Campaign will be meeting separately on Thursdays at 5 p.m. in Wallace 113.

“The goal of the condom campaign has been to start a dialogue on campus about how to engage in healthier, safer sexual acts,” said Johnson-Miles. The group also hopes to hold forums on engaging in sex, dealing with issues like partner rape and staying safe at night.

Spectrum’s next event will be hosting a speaker on Monday at 11:30 a.m. in the Tartan room. Ashley German Cooper will be speaking on ways to have safer LGBTQ sex, HIV and AIDS, as well as sex prevention. There will be free condoms and a Q&A afterwards.

Sarah Zaubi
Features Editor

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