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Full Relay returns

April 20, 2012

Monmouth College’s annual Relay for Life is set to begin Friday, April 21, at 6 p.m. in the Huff Center with a Hollywood theme. Members of the College Against Cancer (CAC) organization have been planning for this event by deciding the theme of the night, the event schedule and getting participants.

“The hardest part is to make it a night that all the organizations on campus can come, especially Greek Life because all the Greeks are supportive towards Relay, so making it where people are free and getting them to participate,” said Jenn Rice, CAC president.

In past years, Relay for Life has raised $10,000 for the cause, which will continue to stand as the goal for this year.

“Anywhere around $7,000 to $8,000 would be great,” Rice said.

Last year the relay was changed to a miniature version which did not raise as much money or have as many participants, so according to Rice, this year’s relay will be used to gauge students interest in the event.

Throughout the overnight event, participants, who have already been fundraising for some time, have the option of playing games, purchasing food, or walking laps while supporting the fight against cancer. 

“We just hope that people come out to support Relay this year,” Rice said. “Colleges Against Cancer is trying everything we can to raise funds to help support the American Cancer Society’s mission to fund cancer research, educate about cancer and early detection, advocate for cancer patients and their families, and to fund the free patient services that the ACS offers to the community.”

Haleigh Turner
Contributing Writer

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