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Swimmers teach area children

April 20, 2012

Six swim team members help children, grandchildren of Monmouth employees to take up swimming

The Monmouth College Swimming and Diving team are starting to spread their knowledge to the children and grandchildren of faculty and staff members of Monmouth College.

The team has started offering swim lessons to the children of the Monmouth College community.

“We started the lessons to give children and grandchildren of faculty and staff members an opportunity to learn from collegiate swimmers that have a tremendous amount of experience being in the water,” said coach Alex de la Pena.

Lessons will be held April 16-20 and April 23-27 from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. There are five lessons per session for one week. They offer two-one week sessions.

The swimmers must be pre-registered in order to participate so the team can plan accordingly.

 The April 16-20 (Session 1) deadline has passed, but Session 2 (April 23-27) is open for registration until Friday, April 20.

“The cost is $40 per swimmer for one week of lessons,” said de la Pena. “If families are registering more than one swimmer the price drops by $10 for each additional swimmer up to three.”

There are six swimmers helping out: Colleen Zumpf, Kendra Kuehl, Josh Dunn, Amanda Zaidel, Erin Willhite, and Amanda Bujak-Phillips.

“I definitely believe this is a great opportunity for the community to be a part of the college as well as the college giving back to the community,” said Zumpf. “The college has a beautiful facility, and it would be a shame for the community not to have a bigger part in utilizing it.

“The pool is open throughout the week for swimmers to come in, but swim lessons are a sort of an encouragement for the community to come in and enjoy the facility and allow it to fulfill its purpose.

“Since the college swimmers are the coaches for the lessons, our role can also serve to encourage these kids to continue to practice and show them that one day too they can be a part of a collegiate program like the Monmouth College Swim Team if they so choose to be. And as a coach, it’s just a nice feeling to watch these kids improve and see their love for swimming. It’s nice to be a part of that growth process.”

Zumpf is currently teaching two, level-four girls between the ages of six and eight.

“I am having them work on alternate breathing in freestyle, technique in backstroke, getting the basics down in breaststroke, standing dive, picking something up off the bottom of the pool and basically strengthening many skills that they already have,” she said.

 Kelsey Beshears
Sports Editor

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