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Prototype 2 tastes like revenge

May 4, 2012

Although confusing, the intricate plotline in the newly released Prototype 2 makes the game worth playing. 

Prototype 2 begins years after Alex Mercer saved the New York of Prototype, and the virus has spread killing many people.  The game continues with Sgt. James Heller is seeking revenge against Mercer because the virus is called the “Mercer” virus and it has killed his family. Mercer develops an army and yields a new virus as an additional weapon.  What makes the story worth playing is the progressive story of the evil of Blackwatch and Mercer’s plan; Blackwatch may have seemed bad in the first Prototype, but he has become much worse and uses the infected brawlers as war-animals. You are aided by multiple people along the way such as: Father Guerra, Sabrina Galloway, and Koenig.  Some however, betray you, so try not to trust the characters at face value.  Aside from the help, you also have the army that Mercer has created.

Abilities are spread out in the game compared to the first, and the point system is a level up system as well as item collection.  Weapon upgrades are now only obtained through consumption.  Also, the tracking ability, glide, and air dash are now automatic skills; however, the glide makes dodging annoying as it is the same button as the running button.  The tracking ability is no longer a visor like vision, but instead it’s tap ability which only finds targets during missions; out of missions, it can help you see which target is being watched and if they have a yellow target on their head. 

 New to the game are Radnet missions, which take a similar form of the side mission from first Prototype but are online.  Radnet missions are missions that consistent of races, human dart-drops, and other such activities with time limits.  They are fun but end too quickly. 

Graphics could be improved as they lack the detail that the top games today have.  They are very smooth and semi-flat, and lack the great rendering which can be found in games like Mass Effect 3 and Gears of War 3.  Still, there are some signs of rendering in buildings and in the characters; however, while not in cinematic cut-scene, the characters look rather comic-like.  Also, the color rendering for the buttons which pops-up is too smudged. Also, the monsters look more mutated, and new groups of monsters such as Hydra and Juggernauts appear along with the 3-story tall Goliath.  Sadly, while the monsters are more infected, they look cheaper than before like they were purposely made for the comic; however, that doesn’t make the any less freaky. Mechanics, besides the previous stated issue with dodging, are actually very smooth and the game gives a tutorial for every ability obtained.

Overall the game is entertaining, but a tad drawn out.  The game lacks technical rendering, but makes up with a deep story line which is rather intriguing.

Joe Bonucci
Contributing Writer

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