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Mumford and Sons: Babel

September 28, 2012

Sigh no more, Mumford & Sons is back with their second studio album Babel which debuted this week with much anticipation.

Babel continues the unique blend of folk and rock that fans have come to know, appreciate, and love. Mumford & Sons have brought folk to the forefront of the pop-music scene with their last album Sigh No More. Their 2010 album earned the group two Grammy awards, one for Best New Artist and one for Best Rock Song “Little Lion Man”.

Marcus Mumford does not stray far from the sound that started with a white blank page and led to an international sensation.

Babel sounds like the music that the band couldn’t fit on Sigh No More. When I first listened to the album it was like coming home to what I listened to countless times on cold autumn nights.

The title track “Babel” starts bold with the signature guitar strumming and banjo picking. Mr. Mumford sings about the story of Babel Tower with a strong message reminding us all that we are humans and not to forget that we are fragile.

“Reminder” is another track which stands out among the rest. It’s a love song that cries out for someone’s love not to fade away into the dark. The only two instruments you hear are a guitar and Marcus’ voice.

Babel is a great encore that fans will flock to again and will bring in new listeners. I won’t be surprised if Mumford & Sons reach above and beyond their fame of from Sigh No More. And what timing, this album is perfect for anyone’s “fall” playlist.

Joe Florio
Photo Editor

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