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The Killers: Battle Born

September 28, 2012

Las Vegas alternative-pop outfit, The Killers, hit shelves with a brand new album last Monday, rather assertively named Battle Born.

Sharing the slogan of the Nevada state flag in addition to the name of the Killers’ own recording studio, Battle Born is the fourth studio album by the quartet and is a clear testament to the maturation and further growth of their sound as a group.

Trailing behind their previous album by four years, this album still comes off as a perfect follow up to the sound and feel of Day & Age.

I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that the Killers are one of the best sounding and most refining mainstream acts to hit stages in the past decade, and they definitely keep up their unique sound in this latest installment to their discography.

Battle Born has all of the powerful lyrics and haunting melodies of the past Killers’ albums but with an added emotional note I feel that Day & Age just barely missed.

Instead of questioning identity, most of the lyrics in this album confidently declare their identity, and it is very obvious that the musicians put a lot of themselves into their work this time around.

For example, in the first track, “Flesh and Bone,” front man Brendan Flowers affirms, “Somewhere outside that finish line/I square up and break through the chains/I head like a raging bull/Anointed by the blood I take the reins.”  Instrumentally and vocally, their growth is present too.  Flowers’ voice enters a whole new level of soulfulness, extremely evident from his string parts on the track, “Runaways.”

In addition to these tracks, every song on this album is full to the brim with meaning.

Ultimately, there are a lot of emotions to be felt in Battle Born and I would say it is fit for any occasion, whether it is just hanging out with some friends while you discuss random topics or while you sit around and reflect on your own life.

It is definitely worth a listen for anyone who is a fan of the Killers’ other material.

James Gascoin
Contributing Writer

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