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Dishonored is honorable

October 19, 2012

As Corvo Attano, the protector of the Empress, you are sent on a journey that takes you far from your duties to search for a cure to a terrible plague that ravishes your city. You return to your city only to find out the high ranking officials have turned against you and are exiled only to await the death penalty.

Dishonored brings a fresh story and a dump truck full of choices to kill or not kill your opponents and navigate through the city of Dunwall and more. There are multiple options for weapons you can wield with Attano’s left and right hands. The left hand can hold a gun, crossbow, possess magic powers while the right firmly grasps a sword. The weapons you decide to control are up to you. There are gadget wheels that can be filled with whatever you have as weapons in the inventory.

Fans of Bioshock franchise will find the setup of Dishonored very familiar.The game relives heavily on the directional pad for weapon selection, and features the same first person view point. In Dishonored the player also has to be the ability to use magic to help navigate maps and maneuver around guards. One of the magical abilities that comes early in the game is called “Blink”. Using “Blink” allows you to teleport but only a short distance. “Blink” is useful when navigating and sneaking around guards.

The side missions are an addition that molds your experience with in the game. The side missions are completely optional and add to your experience. You don’t have to complete them to advance the story line and neither does the game funnel the player in the direction of a side mission.

The graphics and characters again resemble Bioshock and the looting system is back. Looting in Dishonored is basic, the player can pick pocket guards, unsuspecting citizens, and take items of the ground and shelves. This is how money and items are earned to buy upgrades from your private blacksmith.

Finally, the mask that’s featured on the cover; how neat is that? I’ve never seen something like that before which resembles a deformed scarecrow. The mask has special lenses used to focus closer in on your enemies or have a better view to take them out from a distance.

Freedom with in the game is the greatest part of Dishonored. Dishonored was released earlier this week and is the winner of over 50 E3 awards and has a rating of 9.2 out of 10 by IGN.

Joe Florio
Photography Editor

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