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October 26, 2012

For those of you out there who constantly say “I would dress better, but clothes are way too obnoxiously expensive so forget that, SWEAT PANTS FOR LIFE,” or who feel that buying expensive clothes is a waste of money when your fashion taste changes so frequently, or even for those who, like myself, would LIKE to dress nice but really can’t afford to buy even a $40 pair of jeans, the solution has been in front of you the whole time; and right down the street.

Buying from thrift stores has a lot of interesting connotations, but what it comes down to is that it is the cheapest, most thrilling way to diversify your wardrobe and find really unique items.

It also sometimes has the great side-effect that by buying these clothes you are contributing to a needy cause. The Strom Center is the best of both worlds, in that you can buy fun clothes while also supporting the Senior Citizens of the Monmouth Community.

The Strom Center is an assisted living and Senior Community Center that is supported by donations and by what is bought in the store. So while you’re buying those interesting outfits, you are indirectly helping some of Monmouth’s finest and most interesting residents.

Don’t get me wrong — you are not likely to find a vintage pair of Louis Vouitton shoes collecting dust in here. But you may just find that perfect warm sweater that is just hideous enough to be considered fashion.

So for those of you who are just gazing miserably at your closet, sick and tired of your clothes but really short on money, try taking a waltz on over to the illustrious Strom Center, and try your hand at bargain base styling.

And just a tip: the important thing to remember about “thrifting” (yes, the act of thrift store shopping), is that for every amazing-life-changing-super-awesome find you get, there will be three, possibly four more trips where you find absolutely nothing of value.

So if those odds sound good to you (which, trust me, they should), then head on over to the Strom Center to try your luck and have a great time trying on hideous old prom dresses and laughing with your friends — you may just find the new staple in your wardrobe.

Megan Zaubi
Features Editor

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