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Chorale hosts “Drag Show” to raise money for trip

November 16, 2012

Justin Frye / The Courier - Scotsmen Dillon Docherty, Mitchell Heuermann, Kyle Dickson, and Pete Lipinski sing “Imagine”.

Roughly 100 people attended Dahl Chapel at 8P.M. last night to witness big boobs, long muscular legs, big teased hair, and four inch stilettos—on men!
Thursday night marked Monmouth College Chorale’s second annual Chorale Drag Show fundraiser.

Audiences were entertained by hosts Pete Lipinksi and Paul Davies as they strutted across the stage wearing skin tight dresses, short shorts, wigs, and even their very own mustaches. The two hosts walked the audience through various drag scenes ranging from a performance by senior Dan Reid who was dressed in an ethereal floor long white gown singing an Operatic Aria to a baton twirler who juggled and spun three batons at once.

Justin Frye / The Courier - Shumaker and Gillengerten perform as a Juno duo.

But the night didn’t just belong to the men: While a highlight of the show included the Sassie Lassies, AKA “The Scotsmen”, The Scotsmen, AKA “The Sassie Lassies” also dressed in drag with the perspective gendered counterparts. Another hit of the night included seniors Zachary Gillengerten and Matthew “Schuby” Shumaker’s rendition of Juno. Singing a duet, Zachary appeared on stage wearing track shorts and a sweatband with his guitar slung over his shoulder—in true Paulie Bleeker fashion. His counterpart Schuby wore jeans, a black skirt, a large hoodie, pregnant stomach, and even held a bottle of Sunny D. Halfway through their duet of “Anyone Else But You” Shuby announced that “it was time” to have the baby and the two ran off the stage to roaring laughs from the audience.

The chorale is fundraising for their spring trip to New York City where they will perform at Carnegie Hall.  Last year the chorale raised $150, but hopes for this year are two to three times that amount. Senior Colleen Sinclair, who is in charge of organizing this year’s drag show, concluded that they did several things different in order to increase the audience’s attendance, “We worked really hard to advertise this year with posters and Facebook events. I think the acts have a lot more variety this year as well.”

The chorale hopes to make the Drag Show an annual event, “This is our second year doing it so I think it will continue to be an annual thing. Hopefully each year more and more students will hear about it and want to attend.” Sinclair added. Shumaker also hopes the drag show will become an annual event.

“When we started the drag show last year my original thought was to have it become an annual thing” Shumaker explained. “I love it because it brings something different to campus, and it’s a really fun experience!”

Jennell Oddo
Copy and lLayout Editor

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