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The Sidelines

November 16, 2012

This week in sports left me with countless questions and too few answers.

1) Can someone please explain to me why we  still allow ties in the National Football League? A league the size of a Fortune 500 company managed to forget what made them what they are: competition! Sunday’s 24-24 tie between St. Louis and San Francisco not only shocked the football world that the Rams could remotely compete, it exposed the most outdated rule in major professional sports. Besides hockey (how’s their season going?) the NFL is the only major league sport in which three outcomes are possible. I know I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but if the NFL is all about snagging casual fans they’ll eliminate as much confusion as possible. The “T” on San Fran’s record does nothing but complicate the playoff seeding process for these casual ‘fans’; as if first downs, encroachment and pass interference weren’t baffling enough.

2) What does it take to get a little respect nowadays? Yes, I’m talking r-e-s-p-e-c-t, Aretha style. After canning coach Mike Brown five games into his 2nd season, the Lakers had the nerve to tease America with the Phil Jackson  carrot. As if it wasn’t mind-blowing enough that the Lakers organization passed on arguably the NBA’s greatest coach, they treated him like yesterday’s trash. GM Mitch Kupchak reportedly gave Jackson until Monday evening to make a decision, then had the audacity to wake him at midnight Sunday telling him they decided to hire Mike D’Antoni. Anyone see something wrong with this picture? Jackson took the Lakers to the NBA Finals 7 times in 11 seasons in L.A., then gets rejected like an under-qualified intern? The man doesn’t even get the courtesy of honest treatment? Mitch Kupchak is a joke of a GM who has zero grasp of professionalism; sort of like the Penn State board of trustees, but that’s a different story… I’m not delusional enough to believe collegiate and professional sports are not about money, because they are. But I believe it speaks volumes that America’s greatest coaches can’t even get the common courtesy of a face-to-face rejection.

Kyle McEwen
Sports Editor

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