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Finals no longer taking place on Sundays starting next year

February 1, 2013

Taking a final on the weekend is not an ideal plan for any student, but Monmouth has now taken the steps to ensure that at least part of the weekend will be final-free.

Due to the efforts of the Associated Students of Monmouth College (ASMC), Monmouth will no longer have finals on Sundays beginning the 2014-2015 school year.
“This decision was made in an attempt of the college to get back to its Presbyterian roots,” said senior ASMC President Katie Shipp.

Monmouth College was founded in 1853 by Scotch-Irish Presbyterian pioneers wishing to create a center for higher education within the Midwest. In an endeavor to reclaim Monmouth’s religious roots, ASMC, along with school officials like Dean of Faculty David Timmerman, feel that eliminating finals on Sundays would allow the school to recapture some religious affiliation.

This plan has other benefits. In the past, spring finals have typically fallen on Mother’s Day, preventing both students and professors from celebrating the holiday.

“Though this will be a positive change to strengthen the Presbyterian bonds of religion within the college, this change will not affect much else,” Shipp said.

This change does not have much impact on the overall finals schedule. Many students were upset last semester when Reading Day fell on a Saturday instead of the typical Thursday, but the new change will not play a role in deciding when Reading Day will be.

“I am pretty indifferent if I have finals on Sunday or not,” said sophomore Heather Malone. “If it were my choice, I wouldn’t have finals on the weekend at all, but that would also mean I’d need to stay on campus longer.”

Others, such as junior Jake Owens who will not be affected by the change, felt the same apathy to the change.

“I survived having finals on Sundays,” said Owens. “However, people now will benefit by having an additional day that will allow them to rest and study.”

Kaitlyn A. Miller
Contributing Writer

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