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February 1, 2013

Garden house wins award for sustainability

The Courier - The garden house was one of five groups recognized for sustainable living in Radish Magazine.

The Radish Magazine is a healthy living magazine which annually recognizes five groups, organizations or families who are making an effort to improve their health through organic food and exercise and who educate their community at the same time.

The Education Garden House on Broadway that several students call home was recently recognized by the magazine. The house sits in front of a garden which, during spring, summer, and fall, is grows many different plants which are harvested to sustain the residents of the house.

Current students choosing to live in an environment of sustainable living include Will Terrill, Connor Shields, Allison Razo and Clayton Graham Brundige. Recently, the group of devoted gardeners found they would be receiving the award and later learned they will be featured in the Chicago Tribune.

The monthly magazine is published out of Moline and is intended to reach its readers with its slogan, “Healthy living from the ground up.” The article, which accompanied the award, focused mainly on the house and garden being a learning experience for students who came into the program with limited knowledge of gardening and cooking.

The article also mentioned the change the residents of the Educational Garden House have started to see within themselves after they have learned about the effects of standard foods.

The group also has new projects this semester. They have been working on a larger plot of land on the North side of town which will allow them to produce a greater amount of organic food for their own consumption and to donate to the Jamison Center or use in the college cafeteria.

This new plot of land is approximately six acres, and the group will begin planting at the new location this spring.

Since February is National Sustainability Month, the group will be hosting different events to educate the campus community on how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Adam Ruble
Contributing Writer

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