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Scots Feils

February 1, 2013

We have all heard the saying, “men use love to get sex, women use sex to get love.” But is this just a stereotypical phrase that has been pounded into society’s brain?

I think that many people, male and female alike, would agree that this saying has some truth to it. However, I am willing to bet that more people would disagree and say that things have definitely changed.

In today’s modern world of sex and relationships, men and women both use love to get sex and vice versa. The saying seems to steer towards the traditional stereotypes that men and women have gained over the centuries.

Men have been seen as the stronger, breadwinner type, while women have been seen as the dutiful, housewife type from birth.
However, in today’s society, the roles of men and women have changed drastically.

Equality has become “gender roles” middle name. This goes for sexual escapades as well. More men are admitting to looking for true love and stepping out of their bachelor pad roles.

Women are confessing to their one-night stand, friends-with-benefits lifestyles and escaping from finding a steady relationship. The realm of romantic relationships has definitely changed, but is this for better or for worse?

Braunwyn Feil
Sports Editor

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