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Students work with registrar to design new 2013 diplomas

February 1, 2013

Students at Monmouth College must work to earn their degree, and some think the current diploma is not the best symbol of their work. A group of students brought this to the attention of Associated Students of Monmouth College (ASMC) representatives, and an update to the diploma is currently underway.

“Our students are proud of the quality of their academic experience,” said President Ditzler. “Naturally, they want the appearance of their diploma to reflect their excellent education. I am pleased that student leadership recommended we update and upgrade our diplomas.”

The Office of the Registrar is working on incorporating student critiques along with some more historical designs into the new diplomas.

“The idea to change the diploma started with the students,” said Christine Johnston, Registrar. “They noted that many college diplomas were of a larger size than our current diploma and began to wonder if a larger diploma would be a possibility.”

Once the idea to change the size of the diploma surfaced, people started to wonder if the design should be updated as well.

“[It] led to a lot of investigating,” Johnston said. “I actually went to the archives and got images of some of our older diplomas… and [they] provided some great inspiration as we decided to move ahead.”

The most recent mock-ups of the new diploma design feature a larger size of the diploma itself, an etching of Wallace Hall on the inside cover and a larger seal. President Ditzler sees the historical influences on the new diploma as an opportunity.

“Those early diplomas were created in a time of high idealism for the special nature of liberal arts education,” Ditzler said. “This is a good time to recapture a bit of the excitement that was reflected in those early days.”

There is one aspect of the design that cannot be changed, however.

“Some students have been asking if they can have their major printed on the diploma,” said ASMC President Katie Shipp. “This is not an option for the change in design.”

Monmouth College is a liberal arts institution and does not grant degrees in specific areas.

Overall, students seem to be excited about the new design.

“The response so far has been mostly positive,” Johnston said. “The full body of ASMC was able to view some mock-ups last week at their meeting, and they seemed to like most of the ideas.”

Mackenzie Mahler
News Editor

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