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Advice with some Spice

February 8, 2013

Q: “I have a serious problem. It’s an addiction that will not leave my mind. I need more and more and I’m never satisfied. Some call it an obsession, I see it more as an influenced hobby. I have a closet full of my addiction and I’m finding that I need a bigger closet. My addiction you may ask? Shoes. I need shoes. I love shoes. My life cannot go on without them. So please paprika and sage help me over come my addiction!”

Paprika: My dear little fashionista, you and me both girlfriend! I just love me some shoes, everything about them! I mean who doesn’t love that song about stilettos and pumps in the club? To get over this addiction, you must start small. Your girl Paprika was buying shoes like nobody’s business, but then decided to wean myself off of the problem. Go from buying multiple pairs of shoes a month to just a couple. I know it will be hard, but you will hopefully start thinking about other things besides shoes. Like how hot a man is when he has tattoos! That’s Paprika’s latest obsession.. Maybe we can even start a club together called shoe and tattoo lovers anonymous and talk about our problems. That would be a grand old time!

Pepper: Calm down killer and let guest advisor Pepper try and help. Let’s not go throwing around the word addiction. Unless it’s seriously inhibiting your life, and you’re like, selling your grandma’s pain killers on the street for shoe money, you’re still doing ok! That being said, shoes can be quite a money suck, and they take up a lot of space, so I understand your anxiety! Try swapping shoes with a friend with the same shoe size as you next time your itching for a new pair. You get to scratch that itch with a cute pair of new (to you) shoes with the cost or permanent space crunch! Other wise, try the one in, one out rule. Next time you buy a new pair, try some tough love and donate or sell a pair that you haven’t worn in a while. There’s no way you’ve worn those thigh-high dominatrix boots more than three times since you bought them.

Q: “I heard that my roommate was talking about me behind my back. What do I do?”

Paprika: Oh lord! I somehow always get back to the roommate talking smack about you problem… Good thing I have a lifetime of knowledge and can help you through this little issue! My young pupil, first you need to make sure that what you heard is a fact. If it is true, then you must take it like a man and confront the problem. Talk to your roommate one on one and tell them what you heard. Hopefully your problems don’t turn into trash and you have to throw away the relationship. If you do have to throw it away, take that garbage truck to the dump and keep on driving! Life does go on!

Pepper: This is always tough. Causing conflict with a Roomie can make a living situation real awkward. If it was just a one time thing and what they were saying wasn’t that bad (or even true), let it go. Sometimes you have to vent to a friend about problems that aren’t worth causing tension with a roommate. If that isn’t the case, and the gossip is repeated or particularly hurtful, ask to speak to your roommate in private when she isn’t stressed or anxious. Don’t attack her, just explain how the situation made you feel and let that open the conversation.
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