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Bright minds to visit campus this weekend

February 8, 2013

This semester has seen a huge increase in the number of applicants for the Midwest Scholars award, as well as an increase in the number of students applying early for regular admission into Monmouth College. The Midwest Scholars award is given to a certain number of students who show a dedication to leadership, community service and scholarship. Phil Betz, the director of admissions, has a few hypotheses for this increase in applications.

“We’ve made it easier to apply, in the sense that we’ve reduced the number of requirements for turning in an application. Really what that means is that now, students, especially within the last few years are applying to more colleges and they want more options and as such they don’t have time to write an essay for, let’s say, ten colleges, especially if every college asks for a different essay.”

Furthermore, the Admissions Department has been working to get as many students as possible interested and applying for scholarships and admission.

“With both the [Midwest Scholars application and the regular application] they’ve done a much better job with marketing. We were out much earlier with our Midwest Scholars information. [M]ore people visiting the schools, more phone calls, more texts, more Facebook posts.”

But with so many more students applying, comes an increased workload for the department as there are more students to call, to arrange visits to campus for and to interview for the awards and scholarships.

Students applying for the Midwest Scholars award must come to campus for an all-day event and interview. Because the number of applicants has more than doubled since last year, the Admissions staff has had to add an extra weekend to accommodate all the students, and the first event is this Saturday, Feb. 9, to go through a 20-30 minute interview process and then meet with current students and faculty.

“These are students who are supposed to be not just academically the best, but their also supposed to be our strong leaders,” Betz said.

Students are evaluated on based on their interview and faculty comments, as well as the information already known about them based on their admissions files and previous interactions with the staff.

The increased number of students applying for the Midwest Scholars award bodes well for the future of the college, and Betz is confident that this will be a good year for the students of the college.

“We’re doing our best to increase the academic profile of the college, which goes beyond just increasing our average GPA… or our average ACT score. We’re focusing on those students who make impacts inside and outside of the classroom.”

Megan Zaubi
Features Editor

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