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Security stops offering rides from parking lots

February 8, 2013

A new adjustment has been made on campus as security is no longer able to give students rides from parking lots to dorm halls. With weather extremes going from freezing to rainy, students have been even less willing to walk the distance from off campus parking back to their dorms.

The change must be enforced by Monmouth College Security, who has seen a depletion to the budget because of rides given to students.

Junior Zack Dixon worries the change will affect students who do not feel safe walking from parking lots after a late work shift. Dixon makes the commute from Galesburg several times for his job, usually returning to campus past midnight.

“My girlfriend and I work late at night and it sucks that we can’t get rides from our cars after we got off work because people abuse the system,” Dixon said. “A lot of people just go to get Taco Bell and don’t want to walk back from Euclid.”

Dixon argues that a few people ruined the security escort system for everyone else. He and other students drive to Galesburg almost every day having to walk two or three blocks to their dorms because security will no longer give rides.

For students, walking back alone poses hazards, from sub-zero weather or walking down the under-lit streets around campus.

“Due to the absurd change in parking on campus, the least they could do is offer rides,” said senior Amy Kerulis. “I wouldn’t mind if they refused rides when it was nice out, or during the day, but at night, when it’s freezing and dark, a ride would be both safer and more convenient.”

Security sees another side of the situation, however, insisting the refusal to give rides is for valid purposes. Many students have abused the privilege and it has had effects on security’s budget.

“On some shifts, I have to give twenty or more students rides back to their dorms,” said Heather Jacobs, Security Supervisor. “Only a few of those are actually for security reasons.”

According to Jacobs, a third of the money allocated for security has been depleted this semester because of the excessive amount of rides given.

“The purpose of the escorts is so that the students’ security is ensured,” Jacobs said. “It’s not that we don’t want to give rides to people who need them, but we have to listen to the school when they tell us we are using too much gas.”

Despite the financial toll, some students like Kerulis believe security should find more of a “middle ground” option to save money rather than completely remove the option of giving rides. The removal seems to go against the purpose of having a security staff.

“It doesn’t take much money to offer rides to students with legitimate reasons such as work or student teaching,” Kerulis said.

Adam Ruble
Contributing Writer

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