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Advice with some spice

February 15, 2013

Guest writer Celery Salt graces you with knowledge and insight!

Q: “It’s only the second semester of my Freshmen year and all of my money is gone! What do I do?”

Celery Salt: Well let me just confirm, dear, that is indeed a HUGE bummer. But don’t feel too bad, a lot of freshmen come to campus and get swept away by the shiny allure of buying EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. Whether that be food or fun, you’ve probably not managed your accounts very well. Start  by setting aside a portion of what you earn every month for fun, and put the rest in a separate account that you don’t have access to, but that a trusted family member does. That way, if you can’t touch it, you can’t spend it. You can also do something like this through your bank, if you are cynical like me and TRUST NOBODY. What’s that? Don’t have a job and aren’t feeling inclined to get one? Well tough luck! Get a job and start learning to support yourself!

Q: “Okay then, how do I get a job?”

Celery Salt: Well I’m glad you asked! There are tons of opportunities on campus to use whatever skills (limited or otherwise) you have to help out and make some bi-weekly cash! Places on campus are always looking, you just have to find them! Check out the Business Office, Financial Aid or Student Affairs to see what jobs might be available for work study or just because. If that doesn’t work out, you can always try places in town. A lot places realize that you are a student and may be willing to work around your schedule, to a certain extent. Just realize that you maaaaay be working more on the weekends. And if you really, really, can’t find anything still, you can always apply to be an RA for Res Life. You get paid quite a bit compared to most campus jobs, and it looks great on a resume.

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