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KKG spaghetti dinner raises money for neuroblastoma

February 15, 2013

Lakesha Howard / The Courier - Hannah Long and Lauren DeVolder serve spaghetti to raise money for neuroblastoma research.

Thanks to some womanpower, community support and a ton of spaghetti, Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) donated over $500 to pay one night’s free dinner for the families of those diagnosed with neuroblastoma at a conference hosted by the Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation (CNCF).

The money came from donations of approximately 200-250 people at the KKG Spaghetti Dinner hosted at the United Methodist Church this past Tuesday.
The event primarily arose as the brainchild of Kelly Hall, a sophomore Kappa who took the idea from a “Kappachino Brunch” idea she saw on the website Pinterest which she altered to a spaghetti dinner to lower the overall cost.

“I was really passionate about this fundraiser since Kappa hasn’t done anything this big in a while,” said Hall, “and I’ve wanted to get Kappa more involved on campus and in the community.”

Hall began the planning process last semester and worked with her father over winter break to decide what resources were needed, send out news proposals to radio stations and newspapers and ask Monmouth College, Save-A-Lot and Hy-Vee to help with costs by buying the food. Spaghetti, bread, meat and salad were all donated, and once the new term started, Kappas went to work to ask for donations and business cards. The businesses that helped were later given free advertisements on placements at the event.

KKG chose the CNCF as their donation recipient because senior Malissa Larson’s aunt is one of the foundation’s creators, and the foundation has had to turn down families due to a lack of funds.

After meeting with United Methodist Church leaders in town, it was decided that the event would be hosted off campus since the church has a kitchen, it would be welcoming for church patrons and community members and it is within walking distance for students.

“It was a lot of time and took a lot of planning out before we actually did anything,” said Taylor Smith, a sophomore Kappa, “but I have to say that Kelly did a great job of keeping everything organized and getting donations. I think it was a great idea [to have it at the church], because not only did we have people from campus, but it also attracted people who attend church there and some people from town.”

After picking out the place, Smith planned out decorations, helped Hall finalize details and set up flyers around campus. All members of Kappa helped with the event by either decorating, picking up donated food, buying extra groceries, making a cake for a dessert or rolling silverware. Some of the girls also helped Hall’s father make the spaghetti, sauce and cake and all worked shifts on the night of the event.

“The best part of this fundraiser was seeing all the support from the community and students at Monmouth,” Hall said. “Having everyone there really made me feel that we weren’t only doing this to help a great cause but also bring together the community. This event was much more public than anything we’ve done in the past and it definitely helped improved our image on campus and in the community.”

Cassie Burton
News Editor

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