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Students learn to eat right

February 15, 2013

Joe Florio / The Courier - Junior Lydia Butler and sophomore Anne Begley learn to prepare omelets and fried rice as well as the importance of fresh fruits.

Most students know Penny McVey as “the Omelet Lady,” who prepares meals for hundreds of students per week, but this week she put students in charge of making their own meals in a new Student Union Board workshop series entitled,“Teach, Talk, Taste.”

Students learned how to make easy and healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Tuesday, Feb. 12, in the Main Dining Room after diner service concluded.

“We’re trying to gear it towards upper classmen, because they are going to be graduating and eating out on their own and no longer having a cafeteria that makes all their food,” said Director of Campus Events Karen Ogorzalek. “We wanted something that would teach them how to make quick, easy meals that would still be healthy for them in the real world.”

Three work stations were outfitted with hot plates and a variety of meats, vegetables and fruits. Meat and vegetarian options were made available for the student cooks to prepare meals as they wished.

Penny McVey who has worked for Monmouth College food services since 1993 taught students about the new food pyramid and guided students how to cook dishes such as omelets, alfredo sauce and stir-fry.

“We used to take and dump our food in,” said McVey. “Now we measure our food, then that way, what we do here balances out what’s on the cards.”

Students had an opportunity to sample food cooked by volunteers to prove anyone can make the meals.

“Penny taught us how to eat right,” said junior Lydia Butler. “It’s hard to eat right in college. It’s important and a good life skill to have.”

“Teach, Talk, Taste” is the first of many workshops hosted by the Student Union Board and the Wellness Center. Future workshops will focus on other necessary skills for young adults entering the real world such as budgeting, loans, and banking.

Joe Florio
Photography editor

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