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Advice with some Spice

March 1, 2013

Q: “Housing is coming up and my friends are forcing me to live somewhere I do not want to live. What should I do?”

Paprika: Dear pretty much every Monmouth student at one time or another, housing can be incredibly stressful. If your friends want you to live somewhere you don’t want to, they probably don’t have your best interest in mind. Tell them where you want to live and give them an argument as to why it would be better for both parties. At the end of the day, you have to be a little selfish and do what is best for you! Who knows, maybe you will blossom in a place without your friends rather than a place you don’t want to live. My main advice is to find a place that has the best sunlight so you can grow and blossom, my little flower!

Sage: First off, let’s talk about how you feel “forced” to move in somewhere. If they’re really your friends, they won’t make you feel forced to do anything. For once, I completely agree with Paprika. You’re paying to come to this wonderful institution, so you’ve got to do what’s best for you. Make your decision and stand strong, hopefully your friends will respect it.

Q: I have a sibling on campus and it has been hard for me to adjust. How do I fix this?

Paprika: Hello my sunshine! Monmouth is a small campus that has many siblings or family members who go at the same time. My advice is to create your own identity and group of friends but still know that your sibling will be there if needed… Unless they are weird and embarrassing because Paprika does know her fair share of embarrassing siblings! Just remember to be a star and shine on your own but know that there are many stars in the sky that work together to make one beautiful night!

Sage: This is a tricky situation for both of you. If you’re the older sibling, you’ve probably become set in your ways and found your own group of friends and now you don’t want to be followed around like you were in grade school, junior high and high school. Don’t cut your brother or sister out of your life, but let them know that there are boundaries and encourage them to find their own place at MC. If you’re the younger sibling, start finding your own niche here with the occasional tidbit of advice or help from your older brother or sister.

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